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Snaptik is the best TikTok downloader which helps you download TikTok videos without watermark locally on your device. You can download videos without TikTok logo, author username and TikTok clip at the end which adds no value to the video. All videos are in high quality such as HD, Full HD or 2K for some top-quality videos. You simply download videos as it looks like before modified by TikTok watermark & marketing tool.


Another great feature you can use is TikTok MP3 downloader. As you paste video link in the box above, you get three options:

  • Download without watermark
  • Download with watermark
  • Download MP3

With last option you can download video’s background music/song as MP3 and play, use and listen in any app or device you wish. Background sound isn’t extracted from video, instead it is downloaded from TikTok music library so you can download mostly music and sounds that were added to video, not unique sound in original video.

Why SnapTik is the best TikTok downloader?

High Quality HD

High Quality

Download TikTok videos and music in HD quality as well as SD, FHD and 4K quality

Direct Download Videos

Direct Download

Download videos directly from TikTok servers without watermark, fast and easy unlimited downloads

Music Download Support

Music Support

Snaptik lets you download TikTok Music in MP3 format or download TikTok Videos with Music

Online Download with Snaptik

Online Download

Simply, paste TikTok video url and download it online without installing any app or software

All Formats Support

All Formats

Download Videos from TikTok in different formats & quality including MP4, AVI, MP3…

Secure Download

Safe & Secure

All downloads are 100% safe, anonymous and aren’t saved by us.

4 Easy Steps to Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark

With Snaptik you can download any video from TikTok without watermark! Just follow these simple 4 steps!

Favicon Snaptik

How to download with Snaptik:

Copy video link

Get video link you want to download.
For mobile app click on share button and chose Copy to Clipboard.
For PC or web browser open video in new tab and copy link directly from address bar of your browser(Safari, Google Chrome…) or click on Share button & click Copy Link.

Paste video link above

Paste video link in the field above and tap Download button

Download TikTok video/audio

Choose your proffered version such video without watermark, video with watermark or MP3 only. Download and enjoy!

If you like visual tutorials more, here’s a simple and quick video tutorial for you

SnapTik Features and Advantages

Snaptik is definitely the best TikTok downloader out there which gives you power to download any video you like on any device you want. Now you can save your favorite TikTokers’ short videos on your device and watch them later, share it on social media on your story, send it using WhatsApp and Messenger.

Here are some more reasons why Snaptik is the best:

  1. You can download TikTok videos in HD quality
  2. You can download TikTok videos with or without watermark
  3. You can download any video in less than 5 minutes thanks to direct fast servers
  4. Snaptiktok is completely free to use and doesn’t even require registration/sign ups
  5. You don’t need to install any additional app, software or extension such as Snaptik apk
  6. You can download TikTok videos on iPhone, Android, Windows, Linux and even Mac
  7. You can download trending reels as well as personal(public) videos

Needless to say, with Snap tik you also save your favorite TikTok songs and listen them offline with any music player!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you aren’t sure about Snaptik and have some questions, here are answers to all questions and answers you may have!


Snaptik is the most popular and trusted way to download videos & shorts from TikTok. As it is not one of those all in one video downloader, it is fully fitted and customized for TikTok, Douyin and Musically. Additional features like editing, YouTube download and other platforms aren’t supported by Snaptik or SnapTikTok to keep it simple, fast and lightweight.

Unlike other TikTok downloaders and all-in-one video downloaders, what makes this tool really unique is its safety and the way it let’s you download videos and music. Anything you download is totally anonymous, never stored on our servers, not even temporally.
Instead, you are connected directly to official TikTok CDN which let’s you view and download videos without watermark, all legally and safely without worrying about your privacy or device being compromised. Another good news? You are getting maximum download speed because of fast TikTok & Musically servers with global support by owner company ByteDance.

Another great thing we all love about Snaptik is its simple yet beautiful UI which allows you to download all three – video with no watermark, video with watermark and background MP3 music of the video. TikTok videos without watermark are real original videos before they’re watermarked, so you don’t compromise on quality unlike with softwares which offer you watermark removal.


Easy of Use
Download Speed
Additional features


Snaptik is truly the best TikTok video downloader out there for many reasons. Its easy of use, no security concerns and cross-device support are some of the top reasons why Snaptiktok is the most popular choice. As it is lightweight web application, it only support TikTok, Musically and Douyin which is Chinese version of TikTok.


Snaptik alternatives

If for some reason you don’t like Snaptik and need other ways to download TikTok videos with no watermark, we have got you covered!

SSSTikTok is most popular alternative TikTok downloader. it has Android and iOS apps as well as online software which offers similar features as mobile apps.

SSSTikTok also lets you download TikTok videos without watermark for free but it has limited quality and doesn’t come with choice of different formats, resolutions and quality. Still, when you just want to download video SSSTikTok is a simple and good way to save videos on your phone or PC.

Snap tok is another great alternative which is also online service. It offers similar functionality and simplicity as Snaptim. You can download no watermark TikTok videos online and enjoy with sample original video without creators name and TikTok logo jumping around.

Especially for iOS users! SaveTok is there to save the day! SaveTok is another TT downloader but available only for iPhone/iOS devices as an app. It is available even in Apple’s AppStore and you can easily sideload it on any iPhone.

Snaptik is the ultimate TikTok downloader out there for downloading TikTok, Musically and Douyin videos on mobile and PC. We strongly believe real users reviews and comments are the best, so why don’t you share your thoughts in comments section below?

Last updated: 4/11/2022

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